02 February, 2017

InRiver: Not loading your extensions?

(You really need to in the loop to appreciate the issue this post addresses).

Man, I've been fighting this problem for hours before I found the reason. Having added everything correctly to the zip file and deploying everything to the correct location, why is the webserver not picking up my extensions and presenting them in the top menu?

Look at the below - nothings shows up but the standard apps. Why?

This was really a great puzzle to me until I discovered a bizarre thing: The PackageConfiguration.xml file needs to be named with lowercase letters (i.e. PackageConfiguration.xml packageConfiguration.xml) to be picked up by the system.

This will result in the following UI:

Come on - how crazy is this? I for one am not very impressed! How did I discover this? Well - crack open the InRiver.Web.dll (thank you DotPeek!)

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