17 February, 2014

FIM: Update Group with many members

A limitation in the FIM UI gives you problems when you wish to update or change the membership of a Group, say from Manual to be Criteria Based. In particular so, if you are looking at a member count in excess of 6000 you are almost certain to run into timeout problems.

So how do you change a group that has a large member count? Well - the UI does not allow you to do that due to the time out problem; so the only way around this is to take away chunks of people gradually. Sorry to say this, but if you do not want to export the Group, modify it and then re-import it, there are no two ways about it:

  • Open the Group
  • Go to Advanced View
  • Click the tab Extended Attributes
  • Select approximately 50-100 users (carefully place the mouse in the Identity Picker box and select) 
  • Delete the selection
  • Submit
  • (it will think for a while and ultimately submit the change)

When you are down to max. 100 users, you can successfully change the membership criteria.

Note: The numbers mentioned are not exact numbers, but more or less an approximation.

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