08 November, 2013

FIM 2010: How to create a SuperSet

So, once in a while it comes in handy to be able to express a SET as a combination of resources already found either in SET A or in SET B or…

For example, when doing Access Granting MPRs it can prove very useful to be able to create only one MPR that applies to a number of different users (expressed as separate SETs). The simpler the better, right?

So, I wish to create an MPR that grants access to some Homepage resources, but grant access to that for 2 sets of people. These 2 sets are seen below (LineManager and HR personal).




The superset is created in this way:
User that is Resource ID in <SET A>
that is Resource ID in <SET B>


04 November, 2013

Failed to load assembly, NuGet Manager

Attempting to add a web-application to a solution in Visual Studio 2013, I got this error “this template attempted to load assembly ‘NuGet.VisualStudio….’…”. So, come on what’s that?


Turns out this can be solved by this procedure:

  1. Uninstall any NuGet Manager from VS (Tools – Extensions and Updates)
  2. Download the current NuGet Manager from http://nuget.org (which will lead to VisualStudio Gallery)
  3. Click the Install NuGet button and install it into Visual Studio
  4. Done

NuGet Page

VIX Installer

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