16 May, 2013

Hyper-V: Build your own local lab (with access from host to guest)

I’m really not a “networky” guy at all; but with the skilled help of a college I actually managed to get a locally hosted Hyper-V environment established on my DEV laptop with a WIFI card. So with my sincere thanks to Patrick Schneider, I will be documenting how to setup this stuff. Indeed also for my own sake!
1) Go to Virtual Hyper V Manager (Virtual Switch Manager…)
2) Create an internal switch
3 Go to Network Settings on the host computer
4) Enter these values (still on the host laptop) on the newly created virtual internal network switch (step 2)
5) You are done with the host for now
6) Start the LAB-AD and connect using Hyper-V connection
7) Open the Network Settings on the LAB-AD
8) Set these values
9) Open LAB-SYNC
10) Set these values
11) You are done
12) Open a remote desktop (run mstsc) and enter (You should reach LAB-AD)
14) Open a remote desktop (run mstsc) and enter (You should reach LAB-SYNC)

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