10 July, 2012

System Restore: How to setup in Windows 7

Was reading Paul Thurrotts post about file versioning on SkyDrive and Windows 8. He states that this functionality has been present in Windows since 2003, hence I was concluding that it must thus be present in Windows 7 as well?

Turns out that indeed it is! So – how do you enable versioning of files like this on your own little Windows 7 box?


How to enable
1) Open Computer – Properties (RightClick “Computer”)
2) Go to “System Protection”


3) Press “Configure”
4) If it is a data-only drive (no system files) select only files for restore


5) Press OK
6) You are good to go.

How to restore files
When you want to see the files from a previous restore point – you do like this:
1) Right-click on the file to restore a previous version of


2) Select from the list of restore points (only 1 in my case here)


Note 1: This versioning scheme works by relying on Restore Points in Windows. The really clever thing here is that a shadow copy is only created after you make a change to the file and there thus is a difference compared to the previous restore point.

Note 2: The difference check is executed once/day (according to Microsoft documentation); so if you change the file more than once/day -  you can only gain access to the last version of that file. It free and its simple. Nothing too fancy here ;-)

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