26 April, 2012

FIM 2010: Return types and native FIM WF Activities

Man, it sometimes is a struggle to manipulate FIM 2010 using their API. A lot of it is trial and error when figuring out what types you are receiving. To remedy this, I’ve compiled a (growing) list of data about what types you can expect when communicating with FIM.


When reading data using the WF Activity (see below); you receive attributes from the read object in this format (see table).


Attribute Type [FIM Type] Returned data [.NET Type]
Reference, multi Valued List<UniqueIdentifier>
Reference, single Valued UniqueIdentifier
String, multi Valued List<string>
String, single Valued string
DateTime, single valued DateTime
DateTime, multi valued List<DateTime>

To gain the ObjectID (Guid) of a resource in FIM given the UniqueIdentifier; you use the method .GetGuid().

Like this:

Guid objId = fimUniqueIdentifier.GetGuid();

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1 comment:

Craig Martin said...

You could just do it in PowerShell where pretty much everything is treated as a string by the FIM snap-in.

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