15 March, 2011

How to build a 64 bit virtual machine

I today set out to create an x64 bit OS for testing purposes. My host system is a brand new installation of Windows 7 (x64), so all prerequisites should be present (I should learn different soon!).

My initial thoughts for options to host the x64 guest OS was to use the Microsoft Virtual PC, but this turned out to be a doomed attempt. The Microsoft Virtual PC software, even in its x64 version, does not support creating x64 bit Guest installations!

So, what do do? Well – Oracle has an offering that is quite promising. It is called Virtual Box and operates in the same way as Microsoft Virtual PC. And this guy does support running x64 bit OS inside!

Microsoft Virtual PC

No way, Jose. It won’t work.


Oracle Virtual Box

The Oracle Virtual Box is free for developers (like myself) and comes with installation support for Windows, Ubuntu and Linux. The last I don’t care about, but as long as the Virtual Box host-software can be installed on Windows 7 I’m happy.


As evident from the above figure, the Windows 2008 (64 bit) OS can be installed as a Virtual Machine using the Virtual Box. Expect to find largely the same features as in Virtual PC such as the ability to create SnapShots etc.

A great how-to is found here:

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