11 February, 2011

Azure: How to create local emulator storage

If you find yourself attempting to start up on Azure/Cloud development, you might encounter an error in the emulator when lauching this saying that it is unable to start the storage?

The reason is, that you initially need to initialize the (local) data storage to be able to support the emulator. The key to this is the console utility called DSInit (found in the below command prompt).


To setup this storage in a local SQLServer, you go this command: DSInit /SqlInstance:. /forceCreate

It will ultimately present you with this prompt:


Update (26/5/2011):
This has been moved in version 1.4 of the SDK. DsInit.exe is now found at:
”C:\Program Files\Windows Azure SDK\v1.4\bin\devstore>DSInit.exe”


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