08 December, 2010

WP7: I can only deploy 1 application/time to my phone ?

I today solved the mystery!

For a long time, it has appeared as if when I deployed a newly built application from VS2010, it somehow erased a (any!) previous application that I installed the same way. It was pretty consistent – only 1 application at the time it seemed! Come on – what’s that about?

The reason (as I learned), is that each application carries a unique ProductID (see below), which uniquely identifies the application to the phone. As Visual Studio does not generate a new unique ID on launch when you go “File – New…”; I was effectively reusing the same ProductID and replacing the existing (old) application on the phone.

How to solve this?
1) Open Guid Generator
2) Create a new GUID (Registry style)
3) Replace the exiting default ProductID with the newly generated version (2)
4) Build
4) You are good to go!


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Vijay Rayanker said...

When I am trying return List from WCF REST JSON it is not returning, gives didn't respond error. From local it works, from hosting gives error. If I convert data from database to string and return as string it works.

I have still no use.

It was working great, suddenly started giving error. Unable to resolve it. Any help will be great.

aditya said...

Nice post thanks for share article.

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