11 August, 2010

TFS 2010: How to force comments when doing check-in?

For the life of me, I had really problems figuring out how to force comments from the developers when they do a checkin in TFS 2010. As I recall from TFS 2005, it was quite easy to setup, but that was not the case in TFS 2010!

Googling the matter also lead to a lot of desperate guys trying to solve the same problem. Well – finally I managed to locate the setting:

checkin0  checkin


How to do:
1) Find “Team Project Settings”
2) “Source Control…”
3) Enter Check-in Policy tab
4) Add…
5) Select “Changeset Comments Policy”
6) OK

You are done!

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Anonymous said...

Quick note, this is a Power Tools feature, and not a part of the default installation ;)

In case someone reads this and can't find the policy.

Claus Konrad said...

Thanks for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I was looking how to turn this on.

One thing to note is that you don't just have to have the TFS power tools installed to add this policy. All developers need the power tools too else VS 2010 will complain that it can't find the corrisponding policy DLL and they won't be able to check in anything (comments or not).

Anonymous said...

All users will be required to install power tools as the DLL will be required locally.

Kenneth Truyers said...

As I seem te recall in the previous versions of TFS this was indeed a standard option.

I also thought this was still in 2010, it's strikes me as very strange that they removed it.

However, do you really think that this is a necessary check-in policy?
I mean it's good to have the option, but I personally value unit tests much more than a random developer comment. I think if you force a developer to do this, usually they will quickly type something that doesn't completely relate to the change and might throw you off even further

Anonymous said...


I am also looking into this.
Is there any way to affect the check in policy on all client machines, if the policy applied on server.
Its not practical to install TFS power tools on all machines.

cYounes said...

Now we are done! Thanks a lot :)
Allowing developers doing a check-in without comment is just a big problem!

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