21 July, 2010

SQL Database Wizard: where is it…?

I was today faced with the task of moving a development database (SQL2008) to a remote server located at a Client. Now – the remote database server is setup as a “database cluster”, hence I could not just detach/re-attach a single database file. I needed some sort of scripting option that could generate the needed sql-scripts for this job.

I remembered that there was a “wizard” of some kind what one could download as well as a dedicated Visual Studio version (database version) but it just seemed to much trouble to install a complete VS-version just for that purpose! So Googling Binging the matter, made me find a download of some tool from MS that could handle this job (see below). It just turned out, that this separate download is only valid for SQL 2005 databases. The 2008 version is part of VS 2008 Service Pack 1!

When you install this service pack, you gain this context menu inside Visual Studio’s server explorer (which will launch the wizard):
image  image

Download links:
SQL 2005 publishing wizard
SQL 2008 Service Pack 1 (includes the 2008 version of SQL Publishing Wizard)

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