20 July, 2010

HandScent SMS: I receive 2 notifications when I receive a message?

I’ve been using HandScent SMS 3.0.4 for Android for a while now and am really liking this application. I just makes your Android resemble iPhone’s great SMS application. iPhone is ahead there still and Android has to learn. But, that’s where HandScent SMS comes to the rescue. In addition to the iPhone resemblance – it gives you the ability to specify a default signature as well as quick texts (pretty nefty when you are not all that “handy” on a smart-phone keyboard!).

One thing that has annoyed me though, is that you receive 2 notifications when an SMS message is received. One from HandScent and one from the native SMS-application in Android ? So what to do?

It is quite easy to remove this notification though.

1) Go into the native SMS application (called “Messaging”)
2)  Enter Settings
3) Scroll down and disable “Notifications”

You are done! And only 1 notification is shown in the notification area on the phone now.

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