13 July, 2010

Cut/Paste in Windows Mobile Phone?

Having used an iPhone and currently an Android device, I’m really liking the fact that I can copy/paste a text from an application to use that in an email or something else on the device afterwards. But having downloaded the latest bits (beta) from the Windows Mobile 7 website today; I’m really starting to fear that they (Microsoft) are serious about not allowing copy/paste between applications on the device (globally)? After a quick browse of the assemblies and their namespaces/methods; nothing suggests otherwise! I was kind of hoping it was something they just forgot? In such case – they still forgot to put that in.

Come on Microsoft!
In all your wisdom; are we supposed to use an “old trick”/workaround like storing strings in a text-file on disk and then retrieve that in the new application? I’m really worried about the future of this platform. Or we should roll our own global cache (hmm….)

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