19 June, 2010

I bricked my Android Desire phone (lost USB connection)!

Damn – finally I “managed” to brick my new Android (HTC Desire) phone!
After many successful attempts with rooting and applying a new ROM to the phone, it finally backfired today.

Thank God for the XDA-developer forum and other relevant sites, that can help you when this happens.
The concrete symptoms was these in my case:

- Unable to connect your phone using USB when booted into Android.
- Unable to connect your phone using USB in Custom/Pushed Recovery

So what to do?
I found this procedure to work:
1) Power down the phone
2) Start again by holding down Power + Volume Down
3) Connect the USB-cable from PC to phone
4) Select FastBoot (USB) mode
5) Open a CMD-prompt on the PC
6) Enter this: 'fastboot oem enableqxdm 0' in the command prompt (this will enable the SD-card again)
7) Tranfer this file (update.zip) to the SD-card (via what ever is possible, I did it via email as an attachment!)
8) Turn off the phone
9) Restart again by holding down Power + Volume Down
10) When the screen with the big red exclamation mark appears, hold Volume-Up + press Power and select apply sdcard:update.zip.
11) Let it run and reboot
12) You are back to having SD-card access and USB connection to the PC

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Alok Maurya said...

can you help me, with the damaged sd card message on android...

earlier I bricked my phone by deleting the launcher..

Claus Konrad said...

Post your question on an Android-forum. I believe XDA-developers have a forum for Android development; they are quite skillful.

Bert said...

Thank you!

My phone is now fully working again thanks to you! ;)

Gamer said...

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