02 May, 2010

Get Silverlight installed: tips and tricks

I recently did a reinstall of my PC. As the final thing, Silverlight 4 was the one to be installed. But, this really proved troublesome as it failed when checking the prerequisites. The language was not correct? Come on – everything on my machine is English, so what’s that about?


So – what to do?

So – how does one get Silverlight Tools installed regardless the above? Well – I had success by using an alternative route:
1) Open the exe-file in WinRar (!)
2) Take out the msi-files present there
3) Install the msi-files in a ordinary fashion
4) you are good to go!

How do you know what msi-files to extract? Well – I took out the ones that were present in the exe-file seen here:
1) Silverlight_SDK.msi
2) RiaServices.msi
3) SilverlightTools_Package.msi

and installed them in the same order. Everything works fine afterwards and you are ready to start developing Silverlight applications (and version 4 that is!).

Really an unconventional route – but hey, it works!

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