20 February, 2010

Curly braces on a Mac: The short Mac keyboard reference running Mac

I recently did a short table on the bizarre keyboard mapping on a Macbook Pro, when running Windows on such creature. Well – it turns out that also running native Mac OSX will require some explanation.
Note: I’ve got a DK keyboard.
/ shift + 7
\ shift + alt + 7
[ alt + 8
] alt + 9
@ alt + *
{ shift + alt + 8
} shift + alt + 9
| alt + i
~ alt (right) + ¨


Unknown said...

On my Macbook pro Norwegian keyboard it is:

{ = right-alt + 7

[ = right-alt + 8

] = right-alt + 9

} = right-alt + 0

Annoying, but what is driving me crazy is the placement of the ´fn´ key in the Crtl´s place... That changes Undo, Redo, Copy, Paste, Cut, etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

On my macbook pro 13" 2010 it keyboard pressing alt shift รจ and alt shift +
by Renato

manuel said...

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

In my turkish keyboard Macbook Air it is :

} = alt+0
{ = alt+7

Anonymous said...

on my italian keyboard it is:

{ => alt shift + [
} => alt shift + ]

Anonymous said...

but what about the one that stops with a flat bottom?

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous! Why can't Apple mark these characters on the keyboard like others do?

Claus Konrad said...

Why they cannot? Well - because they are Apple ;-)

Joseph said...

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Jack Williams said...

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