25 May, 2009

The project type is not supported by this installation?

Wow – I have the recent days had some nasty experiences with VS 2008. When opening a web-project, Visual Studio continuously prompts me that such project type is not supported!

Come on – what’s that about?
Having browsed some newsgroups led me to look inside registry – but to no avail.

The trick that worked for me was this simple one:

  1. Open a new cmd-prompt (admin priv).
  2. Type: “devenv / setup”
  3. Let it run (takes a while without any visual activity)
  4. Voila!

Don’t know what was actually the real cause – but things are working now.

Update: It seems that it can also be solved by opening the projectfile (project.csproj) and deleting everything between <ProjectTypeGuids></ProjectTypeGuids>. I haven’t tried this myself – but according to people it also works?


Anonymous said...

I was hoping this simple solution will work but didn't work for me.

dajunior said...

Too bad i had to figure this out by myself. I finally got it working!

Open the project.csproj file with another editor,
delete whatever you found between <ProjectTypeGuids></ProjectTypeGuids>

Anonymous said...

Thanks. It works perfectly.
It is really weird error.

H.Dolder said...

Open the project.csproj file with another editor,
delete whatever you found between
Also works fine with VS Visual Developer 2010 Express Beta 2 !!

Anonymous said...

Removing the text between worked for a project I was having problems opening. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

For me, the devenv /setup worked like a charm, tyvm!

Anonymous said...

hi. i type devenv / setup in the command prompt.but it show that devenv is not recognized ...!

may i know how to solve this?

Claus Konrad said...

It sounds like you are missing a PATH-variable if devenv is not recognized. Another way is to use the VS Command Prompts instead of the traditional cmd. It for sure knows where the devenv.exe is located.

இரா. கண்ணன் said...

Finally.. oh my God..
Open the project.csproj file with another editor,
delete whatever you found between

this fixed my issue.

Many Thanks dajunior


Victor P. said...

Deleting works perfectly for me. Thanks a lot!!!

Unknown said...

Editing the .csproj file worked like a charm for me. I wish the devenv /setup had work.

Anonymous said...

Removing the did the trick for me, TY dajunior

Anonymous said...

It works, thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. Saved my day

Anonymous said...

It worked for me too. thanks for sharing. what is the reason for this, though. anybody know?

Anonymous said...

Deleting worked! Thanx!!!!:)

Amin Sayed said...

Thanks dajunior it worked awesomely...!!! Thanks a ton....

Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton for the post!
devenv /setup worked!

Anonymous said...

devenv /setup worked like a charm!

Anonymous said...

It works like charm after Removing the 'Guids'.
Thanks a lot.

Rahul said...

Dear Claus,
Yes deleting the ProjectTypeGuids content work for me too!
Does any one here know why this works ?
Where did this ProjectTypeGuid come in from ?
And interestingly many machines ( Development ) are able to load the same project without any such manual edit.
Thanks much Claus again
Rahul Sarkar

Unknown said...

Deleting the ProjectTypeGuids would only allow to open the project but you still cannot debug the web application and run it.

Anonymous said...

Deleting GUIds worked perfect.. saved my day... thanks

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