14 November, 2008

WPF HyperLink Controls

Been toying around with the “coaster” WPF only to learn that no HyperLink control is present! Come on – what’s that about?
Well - it can by created by nesting 3 controls like this simple construct using the System.Windows.Documents.HyperLink control:

         <!--"Hyperlink" control (copy to clipboard)-->
Hyperlink Click="Hyperlink_Click">
TextBlock ToolTip="Copy to Clipboard...">Copy</TextBlock>

Pure and simple. It could be wrapped into a WPF-control if you wish, but then again…


Elan Hasson said...


Anonymous said...

Anyone know how to create WPF dynamics hyperlinks in c#

Claus Konrad said...

Well - every control is accessable "serverside" (via the x:name property), so you should be able to set the "NavigateUri" to a value when initializing the control.

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