28 October, 2008

Fading effect in IE

I’ve always been puzzled on how to make the “fading” effect that you now and then stumble into when browsing the web using IE.

It turns out to be darn simple! Enter this metatag between the <head></head> tags in the webpage and you are good to go!

<meta http-equiv="Page-Enter" content="BlendTrans(Duration=3.0)">

18 October, 2008

Design Myth: Exceptions are for "Exceptional Errors"

Just came across this post from Kryztof that I'm completely in sync with! People tend to be too afraid of Exceptions as something of a big bad wolf. Exceptions are just means for the Server to communicate to the Client, that it is unable to fulfill the promise exposed in the “contracts” (method). No more...

That it might be “heavy” to instantiate an “Exception”-object; I don’t buy that at all. And even more so if we are talking webservices that by design are “slow”. If it presents a problem to you – go buy a faster processor or some more RAM on the machine. The hardware limitations should not affect proper software design, that is for sure!

Link: http://blogs.msdn.com/kcwalina/archive/2008/07/17/ExceptionalError.aspx

15 October, 2008

Passed 70-504 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 – Windows Workflow Foundation Application Development

So finally – this exam is under the belt as well. It was actually harder than I expected asking some pretty exoteric questions about Custom Activity Development and IPendingWork interfaces that you do not use all that frequently.

The Rule-engine of WF is asked extensively so know how to build the rules “by hand” and understand how to read the rules found in the .rules files (xml-document). In addition – know how to expose and consume webservices from/to a workflow. Understand how to communicate with the workflow from the host (events), and the other way around (method calls). The signature of types used for communication is also quite important to understand.

Know what services are added to WFRuntime by default and what they do to the runtime.

The exam lasts 240 minutes and consists of 53 questions.

07 October, 2008

Windows Live Messenger and Flash: No good idea!

If you experience that your windows live messenger suddenly stops working with a blank screen, you might want to uninstall your flash player.
Goto Control Panel – “Uninstall or change program” and uninstall Adobe Air and Adobe Air .

For some reason, it affects the Windows Live Messenger application. Wonder if they are using Flash behind the scenes (where is silverlight then?)

iPhone/XCode - not all cases are equal!

This bit me! Having made some changes to an iPhone application (Obj-C); everything worked fine in the simulator. But, when deploying the s...