22 September, 2008

Accidently switching into English keyboard settings when working in Visual Studio

For a long time – I’ve had the “pleasure” of sometimes being pretty annoyed when I press “something in VS” and I all of a sudden am working with an English Keyboard. It is only so in VS and not in all other applications.

Today a colleague showed me what was the issue: When you press LeftAlt + Shift + F10 to resolve a class into the proper namespace – you actually invoke the Windows Language bar as well. This triggers Windows to perform a keyboardswitch into English (which is default language). As I’ve only removed the languagebar from view – but not uninstalled the English keyboard support – I had a problem.

To resolve this:

  1. Open “Regional and Language Options” in Windows
  2. Go to Keyboards and Languages
  3. Change Keyboards…
  4. Delete English keyboard support
  5. Voila!

That is all there is to it. You don’t even have to restart Windows to see the effect.

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