21 August, 2008

Exam 70-503 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 - Windows Communication Foundation Application Development: Preparation

If you want to prepare for the above exam for WCF; you might want to observe the following:

The exams is (as one might expect) quite heavy on security related questions; so you might want to investigate CardSpace and SAML-tokens beforehand.

The exam is 43 questions and running for 140 minutes. To my great surprise, no questions related to netTcpBinding; which is a binding that I use almost exclusively in production systems, but all bindings in the exam revolved around the more “traditional” webservice bindings like basicHttpBinding and wsHttpBinding. A question on Federation was also present. In addition – you should investigate how impersonation/delegation is working out of the box with WCF.

But – basically do know your “ABC” of WCF (Address-Binding-Contract) and get to know the XML-schema for configuring a WCF service. There are a lot of configuration questions  with “select the appropriate configuration for a service that supports these requirements…”.

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