22 April, 2009

WCF and Binding Syntax

As I always forget the syntax for different esoteric WCF-bindings, I've decided to assemble it into a table for a quick reference:

Name Transport Binding Name (config) Endpoint Binding Syntax (example)
Basic HTTP/HTTPS basicHttpBinding http://svr07:80/enquiryService
TCP TCP netTcpBinding net.tcp://svr07:8990/enquiryService
Peer P2P netPeerBinding net.p2p://enquiryService
IPC IPC netNamedPipeBinding net.pipe://localhost/inquiryPipe
WS HTTP/HTTPS wsHttpBinding http://svr07:80/enquiryService
Federated WS HTTP/HTTPS wsFederationHttpBinding http://svr07:80/enquiryService
Duplex HTTP wsDualHttpBinding http://svr07:80/enquiryService
MSMQ MSMQ netMsmqBinding net.msmq://localhost/myService
MSMQ Integration MQMQ msmqIntegrationBinding net.msmq://localhost/myService

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